June 20, 2011 8:55AM

Is There a Rise in Isolationism?

At the Encyclopedia Britannica Blog, I take a look at the new hysteria about “isolationism” in the Republican party. There’s lots of hand‐​wringing at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Sunday morning shows were full of denunciations. But, I note:

What they’re really worried about is not so much the Republican leaders as the people. The country folk just don’t see the British coming any more. Rubin noted “a distinct isolationist streak that was very much in evidence in the questions from the audience last night.” Della Rocchetta’s main concern was “a growing isolationist sentiment espoused by the U.S. public”…

But here’s the specter that is haunting the neocons, a graph from the Pew center (using Gallup data) showing a striking rise in “mind our own business” sentiment:

Media Name: Mind-own-business1.png

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