July 26, 2012 11:33AM

A Success Story

The Campaign for Primary Accountability (CPA) is apparently bringing its efforts for the current election cycle to an end. As Politico notes, CPA “aimed to level the financial playing field, investing in primary races against entrenched and well‐​funded incumbents who in many cases had not faced serious reelection races in years.” They enjoyed unusual success. Four of the nine incumbents they opposed lost their primary races. They targeted incumbents from both parties. Moreover, their spending “left House members terrified that they would wind up in the group’s crosshairs.” As CPA founder Leo Lindbeck III remarked, the organization has proven that even entrenched incumbents could be defeated. CPA plans to return in the next cycle.

I expect we will see some campaign finance “reforms” proposed to deal with CPA. Potent threats to re‐​election attract attention from members of Congress.

Lindbeck has analyzed the maladies of Congress.