May 2, 2013 9:48AM

If the Senate Will Lie About This…

On Monday, I reported here and on the Wash​ing​ton​Watch​.com blog how Congress was trying to push through a bill that hadn’t been passed in the same form by both the House and Senate.

Well, the Senate solved the problem by lying. It said that the Secretary of the Senate had erred in engrossing the bill–preparing it for transmittal to the House.

There was no error on the part of the Secretary of the Senate. The Senate passed a bill that used only the word “account” and the House‐​passed bill said “accounts.” The bills weren’t identical, but the Senate is calling it the Secretary’s error.

The “fixed” bill now includes a quite non‐​grammatical sentence. I detailed that in a new Wash​ing​ton​Watch​.com post entitled: “From Farce to Tragedy.” But who needs precision when you’re moving a mere quarter‐​billion dollars around?

Were he to enforce it, President Obama’s Sunlight Before Signing promise would require more careful deliberation than this. The public would have five days to review legislation, exposing errors like this and bringing disrepute on those responsible. But the president received the bill on Tuesday and signed it on Wednesday.