December 13, 2006 1:26PM

Saving the Planet One Scientist at a Time

Good article just out in Rolling Stone about a dirt‐​cheap, sure‐​fire way to cool the planet if we ever decide the Earth is getting too warm for our liking: atmospheric particles. Turns out there’s little doubt we could cool the planet substantially for about $100 million a year — less than the price of a good‐​sized wind farm. 

The author of the piece thinks this is nuts, but it’s unclear to me exactly why. There’s little doubt that it would work. There’s little reason to fear secondary, unanticipated consequences. And it’s a lot cheaper than the alternatives. 

The real objection for many, I think, is that a substantial segment of the enviro community wants to fundamentally remake human civilization and the global economy. Conventional greenhouse gas emission controls offer up that possiblity. A half‐​dozen 747s sprinkling particulates across the arctic skies does not.