Jerry Taylor is among the most widely cited and influential critics of federal energy and environmental policy in the nation. Taylor is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and National Review and appears regularly on CNBC, NPR, Bloomberg Radio, the BBC, and Fox News. His op-eds on public policy have appeared in the pages of the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and most other major dailies. His extended essays on energy policy have appeared in the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy, the Columbia Journal of International Affairs, Limes: The Italian Journal of Geopolitics, The Milken Institute Review, and Regulation magazine.

Taylor has served on several congressional advisory bodies and has testified frequently on Capitol Hill regarding various energy and environmental policy matters. He is the author or coauthor of numerous Cato policy studies addressing energy taxes, the oil market, electricity regulation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable development, and trade and the environment. He has also contributed to several anthologies, including The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (2007), Energy & American Society - 13 Myths (2007), The Republican Revolution 10 Years Later (2005), Earth Report 2000 (2000), China as a Global Economic Power (1997), and Market Liberalism (1993).

Taylor is a member of the International Association for Energy Economics and has refereed articles for their publication, The Energy Journal.

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Policy Analysis No. 561. January 12, 2006.


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