October 16, 2010 4:02PM

The Saturday Wall Street Journal

Roger Pilon mentions two interesting articles on the tea party movement in today’s Wall Street Journal. I have a feeling lots of people don’t read the Saturday Wall Street Journal, even though the Journal has made great efforts to promote it, including promising to deliver it to your home or country estate or private island if you normally get the Journal at your office. As my weekend Washington Posts get thinner and thinner, I can’t help noticing that the weekend Journal is getting bigger. If you didn’t read today’s Journal, you missed — in addition to Haidt and Berkowitz on the tea parties — Judy Shelton’s interview with Robert Mundell, Theodore Dalrymple’s atheist take on the value of religion in the Chilean mine, a brave article by a Chinese activist already under “residential surveillance” about growing agitation for democracy, Matt Ridley on Fibonacci, Larry Miller on the Marx Brothers, Amity Shlaes on American capitalism, and more college football analysis than the Washington Post.