November 1, 2018 10:27AM

Power Problems Podcast Survey

Power Problems is one year old! In our first year, the podcast has covered a lot of ground, from the death of the Iranian nuclear deal to the defense budget, trade policy and nuclear weapons. Surprising no one, we’ve spent way too much time talking about the Middle East and the curious foreign policy perspectives now emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But as we head into the second year of our podcast, we’d like to get some feedback from our listeners, so we can give you more of what you enjoy. To help us out, please take a couple of minutes and fill out a quick survey on the podcast. You can find the survey here.

If you're not already a listener, and want to hear what we're all about, you can hear myself, Trevor Thrall, and a selection of guests from across the political spectrum discussing top foreign policy issues biweekly. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher or via the Cato Audio app. 

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for listening to Power Problems!