July 10, 2012 2:47PM

New Liberty‐​Friendly Law Blogs

Those of you pining to read more Supreme Court/legal blogging (or "blawgging") from a liberty-friendly perspective---our friends at the Volokh Conspiracy can't cover everything!---should check out two recent additions to the genre:

First, there's the Liberty Fund's Law & Liberty blog, which was established by Mike Greve, now of George Mason Law School, and Mike Rappaport, of the University of San Diego.  It currently features an excellent essay by Jim Chen on "The End of the American Lawyer's Guilded Age"---with a response by our own Walter Olson.

Second, the Federalist Society now has a SCOTUSreport, which so far has featured the likes of Richard Epstein, Brad Smith, Rick Garnett, John McGinnis, and precocious young scholar Joel Alicea.  I've been invited to contribute as well, and I'm sure I'll do so.  You can also find links here to Federalist Society publications, blogposts, event videos, etc., that feature many Cato scholars and adjuncts.

Check 'em out!