November 6, 2010 10:35PM

More Supreme Court Review on the Road

In case any of you are regretting not having been able to attend any of my September‐​October speaking events, here’s my public schedule for November‐​December (not counting a spirited Obamacare debate against Columbia’s Gillian Metzger last night at the University of Maryland Law School in Baltimore) (events sponsored by the Federalist Society asterisked):

  • Nov. 8 at noon — “Oh, That Rent‐​Seeking Mickey Mouse: Intellectual Property and Public Choice Theory” — Texas‐​Wesleyan (Fort Worth) Law School*
  • Nov. 9 at noon — Debate, “The Arizona Immigration Law: Constitutional? Good Policy?” — St. Mary’s University (San Antonio) Law School*
  • Nov. 10 at noon — Debate on the Use of Foreign Law in Constitutional Intepretation — Florida International University (Miami) Law School*
  • Nov.11 at noon — “How I Got My Green Card or Why the Immigration System Is the Worst Part of the U.S. Government (and How to Reform It)” — St. Thomas University (Miami) Law School*
  • Nov.12 at 9:45am — Panel as part of all‐​day law review symposium, “Cure, Botch or Opiate? Law, Politics, & the Constitutionality of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” — Florida International University Law School
  • Nov. 15 at noon — Constitutionality of Obamacare — University of Alabama Law School*
  • Nov. 16 at 11:30am — Panel, “Obamacare: Is it Constitutional?” Cumberland University (Birmingham) Law School*
  • Nov. 17 at noon — Debate on the Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit Case — Catholic University (Washington, DC) Law School
  • Nov. 22 at noon — Debate, “The Health Care Reform Act: What It Means for the Market, the Constitution, and You,” University of Michigan Law School*
  • Nov. 22 at 4pm — “The Sweet Mystery of Anthony Kennedy,” Detroit‐​Mercy Law School*
  • Nov. 23 at noon — “The Chrysler Bailout: Subverting the Constitution, Bankruptcy Law, and Good Sense,” Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Auburn Hills, MI)*
  • Dec. 1 at 10am — Panel, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Health Reform, But Were Afraid to Ask,” American Legislative Exchange Council’s 2010 States and Nation Policy Summit (Washington, DC).
  • Dec. 4 at 8:30am — Debate, “Point\Counterpoint: Diagnosing the Constitutionality of Federal Health Care Reforms,” Council of State Governments National Conference, Providence. 

As always, if you attend any of these events, please do come up and introduce yourself.