January 9, 2013 10:55AM

This Month’s Cato Unbound: Opportunities for Copyright Reform

Republican Study Committee staffer Derek Khanna made a splash in November when he authored a memo recommending simplification of our copyright system and a significant reduction in its term lengths.

His ideas didn’t sit too well with some folks, apparently, because the RSC removed the memo from its website and let him go.

Well. We kinda liked that memo, so we invited him to discuss its contents at Cato Unbound. He has just done so in this month’s lead essay.

Cato adjunct scholar Timothy B. Lee has written a thoughtful response detailing the dangers of civil asset forfeiture in copyright cases. And two more replies will be out in the next few days — one by Ryan Radia of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and one by Mark Schultz of Southern Illinois University School of Law. Each will discuss practical, near‐​term ways to improve copyright policy, an area of ever‐​increasing commercial and legal importance.

As always, Cato Unbound readers are encouraged to take up our themes, and enter into the conversation on their own websites and blogs, or on other venues. We also welcome your letters. Send them to jkuznicki at cato dot org. Selections may be published at the editors’ option.