November 16, 2006 1:33PM

Milton Friedman, RIP

Sad news for freedom fighters the world over: Milton Friedman has died.

He was a great economist, but he was so much more than that. He was the most effective spokesperson for liberty in the post‐​WWII period. I expect the media to do a fairly good job in summarizing his work and accomplishments, but it should be noted that he was a gentleman‐​scholar who was unfailingly polite in debate and very generous with his time. I was amazed by the time that he took to reply to a letter from me when I was an undergraduate student. A few years ago, I was honored when he agreed to write the foreword to my book on the disastrous drug war.

Dr. Friedman’s five‐​part documentary “Free to Choose” originally aired on PBS in 1980, but I hope a private network will air the documentary again in his honor this month or next. 

Here’s a terrific video clip of the man in action (courtesy of Radley Balko).

Rest in peace, Dr. Friedman.