October 12, 2007 11:12AM

Lomborg on Gore

At the Guardian’s “Comment is free” site, skeptical environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg has some tart words for the Nobel committee:

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize justly rewards the thousands of scientists of the United Nations Climate Change Panel (the IPCC). These scientists are engaged in excellent, painstaking work that establishes exactly what the world should expect from climate change.

The other award winner, former US vice president Al Gore, has spent much more time telling us what to fear. While the IPCC’s estimates and conclusions are grounded in careful study, Gore doesn’t seem to be similarly restrained.

Gore told the world in his Academy Award‐​winning movie (recently labelled “one‐​sided” and containing “scientific errors” by a British judge) to expect 20‐​foot sea‐​level rises over this century. But his Nobel co‐​winners, the IPCC, conclude that sea levels will rise between only a half‐​foot and two feet over this century, with their best expectation being about one foot — similar to what the world experienced over the past 150 years. …

The IPCC engages in meticulous research where facts rule over everything else. Gore has a very different approach.