September 1, 2011 12:29PM

Lind’s Labors Lost, Cont’d

Jason Kuznicki and I have already posted a couple of times correcting some of the points in Michael Lind's howler-laden screed in Salon, which attacked libertarians and classical liberals for our supposed promotion of autocracy and other bad things. For a closer look at Lind's method, check out Will Wilkinson's post at The Economist exploring what Mises and Hayek actually thought about democracy, which is at sharp variance with what Lind represents them as thinking. (As Wilkinson points out, finding out what these distinguished scholars said does not call for a lot of research time in libraries; Mises's book Liberalism, including its chapter "Democracy," can be read online.) I've gathered links to a few other responses at my Overlawyered site, including posts worth reading by Damon Root (Reason "Hit and Run") and Roderick Long (Bleeding Heart Libertarians).