October 15, 2014 2:38PM

Libertarian Choices in Colorado

Karen Tumulty asks in the Washington Post

what label do you put on the political philosophy of a state that one year would legalize marijuana for recreational use and the next year recall two state senators who voted for stricter gun laws?

Readers of this blog might have an answer. So, it turns out, does Sen. Mark Udall:

“We’re a libertarian state — small ‘l’ — when it comes to privacy issues, issues of reproductive freedom, gun ownership, who you worship, who you spend your life with,” Udall said. “We’re a pro‐​environment state. We self‐​identify with environmentalists more than any other state in the nation. But we’re also very pro‐​business.”

So now those small‐​l libertarian voters will have to decide whether they prefer a not‐​so‐​libertarian Democrat, a not‐​so‐​libertarian Republican, or a big‐​L Libertarian.

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