August 1, 2012 9:58AM

It’s the Message, Stupid

Today POLITICO Arena asks:

Senator Marco Rubio, Governors Susana Martinez and Brian Sandoval, and now Ted Cruz’s victory yesterday, all Republicans: Are Democrats mishandling minority recruitment efforts?

My response:

Ted Cruz’s victory yesterday over Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was no fluke. Dewhurst represented the GOP establishment, which stands for little but staying in office, whereas Cruz, an educated and articulate young voice, spoke about liberty and opportunity under limited constitutional government. That’s the same message we hear from Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, and Brian Sandoval.

Like the Republican establishment, therefore, Democrats, with their paucity of attractive Latino politicians, aren’t so much mishandling their minority recruitment efforts as mishandling their message. Prospective minority candidates need a vision that resonates, not the vision the Democratic establishment is selling. Latinos are no different than others: They want a life of opportunity, not a life of dependence on government. Who wants to live the “Life of Julia”?