March 11, 2020 10:58AM

Illiberalism Ascendant

Protocol reports:

Senator Amy Klobuchar [announced] a new bill to crack down on monopolies, including shifting the burden of proof onto companies to demonstrate they’re not suppressing competition and fining anticompetitive giants up to 15% of their revenues.

In a liberal government, government officials must carry a burden of proof to limit the liberties or rights of individuals. For example, to put someone in jail, prosecutors must show they violated the law beyond a reasonable doubt.

In an illiberal government, individuals must prove to government officials that they do not deserve having their liberties or rights restricted. In an illiberal government, individuals must prove to the government that they have not violated the law. This assignment of the burden of proof underpins ideals like the rule of law and due process.

A timely reminder then, that liberal government should not be taken for granted.