January 20, 2010 10:19AM

Happy Anniversary, Mr. President

I have some thoughts on Obama after one year at npr​.org:

Happy anniversary, Mr. President. Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts is a rude ending to a year marked by falling poll ratings and growing opposition to his signature policy initiatives.…

President Obama has several models to choose from: He could reverse his tax‐​spend‐​and‐​regulate policies and hope for the same economic and political results that Reagan achieved. He could, like Bill Clinton, recognize the political obstacles to his sweeping ambitions and learn to work with Republicans on modest reforms. He may well end up like Lyndon Johnson, with an ambitious domestic agenda eventually bogged down by endless war. But I don’t think his wished‐​for FDR model — a transformative agenda that is both popular and long‐​lasting — is in the cards.

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