October 30, 2012 12:00PM

Global Science Report and The Current Wisdom Now on Cato@Liberty

Fans of Cato@Liberty may have noticed two new features from the Center for the Study of Science. These are a weekly Global Science Report and a monthly Current Wisdom

While the Wisdom has been a monthly feature that can be found under my publications, World Science Report is new and is modelled after my original blog, Global Climate Report, which is the Web’s longest running climate change blog. Our first release was September 11, 1995. The enormous archive at http://​www​.world​cli​matere​port​.com is cross‐​referenced by subject and date, and can provide valuable information on virtually any climate question. We also reserved the right to write in a humorous fashion.

As the Center adds new affiliates, you will see much more in the new World Science Report than mere climate.