December 11, 2008 3:01PM

Doherty Book Review

There’s a review of Brian Doherty’s new book, Gun Control on Trial: Inside the Supreme Court Battle over the Second Amendment, over at McClatchy’s Washington Bureau. “[T]he book is a brisk read, and it has the kind of direct observation and insider detail that can help bring even a well‐​plumbed case back to life.” 

Heller continues to spur controversy in the legal community. Judge Harvie Wilkinson III of the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit compared it to Roe v. Wade as judicial intervention in an issue that should have been resolved by the political branches. Cato Associate Policy Analyst David Kopel responded on the legal blog The Volokh Conspiracy, making the point that, unlike abortion, the right to keep and bear arms is express in the Bill of Rights. The full paper, co‐​authored with Professor Nelson Lund of George Mason University School of Law, is available here.