March 30, 2007 8:58AM

Destructive Compassion

Columnist Dennis Prager has a disturbing story to tell:

This past weekend, a friend of mine attended his 13‐​year‐​old son’s baseball game. What he saw encapsulates a major reason many of us fear for the future of America and the West.

His son’s team was winning 24–7 as the game entered the last inning. When he looked up at the scoreboard, he noticed that the score read 0–0. Naturally, he inquired as to what happened — was the scoreboard perhaps broken? — and was told that the winning team’s coach asked the scoreboard keeper to change the score. He and some of the parents were concerned that the boys on the losing team felt humiliated. In order to ensure that the boys losing by a lopsided score would not feel too bad, the score was changed.

Read the whole thing. If this keeps up, they’ll revise the tortoise and the hare story so that the race ends in a tie.