October 28, 2008 11:28AM

David Friedman at Cato

David Friedman will talk about his new book, Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World, at a Cato Book Forum next Thursday, November 6.

Speaking at Google and to the San Francisco Chronicle, he describes his thinking this way:

"There are no brakes available. ... If it can be done, it will be done," he said at an event that was recorded and posted on YouTube. "So the interesting thing to me is not what should you stop but how do you adapt." ...

"I've got three different technologies that could wipe out the species," said Friedman, a self-professed libertarian who is certain that neither politics nor central planning will avert a possible bad technological outcome.

"I am much more worried about the government making the wrong response and doing damage than I am about the government not protecting me," said Friedman, adding: "It's a mistake to think of the world as if there was somebody in charge. There's never been anybody in charge."

David Friedman has been one of the most interesting libertarian thinkers for more than 30 years, since he published his book The Machinery of Freedom. Don't miss his take on the future of technology and freedom. Sign up here.