June 22, 2018 3:32PM

Could Inefficiency Balance Out Overregulation?

The top left‐​hand story on the front page of the Metro section of today’s Washington Post:

Lawyers for the District argued Wednesday for the dismissal of a lawsuit that challenges city regulations requiring some child‐​care workers to obtain associate degrees or risk losing their jobs.…

The requirements … stipulate that child‐​care center directors must earn bachelor’s degrees and assistant teachers and home‐​care providers must earn Child Development Associate (CDA) certificates.

Meanwhile, just across the page, in the top right‐​hand space:

About 1,000 teachers in D.C. Public Schools — a quarter of the educator workforce — lack certification the city requires to lead a classroom, according to District education leaders.

So how about this compromise: the child‐​care licensing requirement will go into effect, but it will be enforced by the crack management team at DC Public Schools?