April 20, 2009 2:09PM

Congressman Booed at Tea Party Protest

I’ve read conflicting reports on how focused last week’s tea parties were on the anti‐​tax and spend message. It does appear there were confused folks who thought the protests were platforms for nationalism, war, and partisan anti‐​Obama rants. But I’m not buying the completely dismissive tone taken by some pundits who viewed the events as simply being pro‐​GOP rallies fueled by Fox News.

A boisterous crowd in Greenville, SC saw right through Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett’s transparent attempt to curry their favor heading into his 2010 campaign for governor of the Palmetto State:

Frankly, I can’t believe the guy made it through the five minute speech given the level of heckling and booing. Regardless of what one thinks of the crowd’s behavior, they deserve credit for knowing that Congressman Barrett voted for the TARP bailout and thus had no business faking solidarity with them, let alone speaking at the event.