October 31, 2009 4:06PM

Battle for Libertarian Voters in Virginia

Almost two months ago I quoted a Washington Post op‐​ed that said that this fall’s gubernatorial race in Virginia would depend on

the all‐​important independent voters — the disproportionately moderate, young, prosperous, suburban and libertarian‐​leaning people who typically decide Virginia contests.

It looks like Frank B. Atkinson, a high‐​powered Richmond lawyer who served in the Ronald Reagan and George Allen administrations and has written two books on Virginia politics, knew what he was talking about. At least on my television here in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., the race has been dominated by two kinds of ads: Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds tells us over and over again that his Republican opponent Bob McDonnell is a reactionary social conservative. McDonnell counters with endless plays of Deeds’s stumbling admission that he’d like to raise taxes.

Judging by the polls, it looks like people are more worried about taxes and the overreach of the Obama administration than about McDonnell’s career‐​long ambition to roll back social change.

Of course, the bad news is that both candidates are right: McDonnell isreactionary social conservative, and Deeds will raise taxes. The even worse news: Deeds voted for the anti‐​marriage constitutional amendment in the Virginia legislature, though he later flipped his position; and as a legislator and attorney general, McDonnell backed transportation tax increases. So if you’re a pro‐​tax, anti‐​gay Virginia voter, you have a wealth of choices on Tuesday. Freedom‐​loving, “leave us alone” voters, a tougher day.