November 2, 2015 9:00AM

Associated Press Reports A Thousand Cases of Sexual Misconduct by Law Enforcement

On Sunday, the Associated Press released the results of a year-long investigation into sexual misconduct by police officers across the country. They found that about 1,000 officers were decertified for some type of sexual misconduct—consensual sex on duty, sexual assault, coercion, child molestation/pornography, statutory rape, inter alia—over a six year period. The Morning Call listed the general rules governing misconduct and decertification—where applicable—in each state.

The AP story reported that the 1,000 number is “unquestionably an undercount” of offenders because of the scattershot nature of police misconduct reporting, prosecution, and internal administrative discipline across states and departments. Indeed, such is the nature of tracking any kind of police misconduct.

At the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP), we track all kinds of police misconduct from sexual misconduct to domestic violence to DUI and drug related corruption. Looking at the preliminary data through October 30, NPMRP has tracked at least 130 news reports of sexual misconduct* by American law enforcement personnel in 2015. Almost all were criminal in nature. Many cases had multiple victims and happened over a period of years, supporting the AP claim that many cases go unreported.

You can look at the cases we’ve tracked below the fold. You can read more about NPMRP at, follow the @NPMRP Twitter feed, and like our facebook page.

Jurisdiction/Agency State Date of Report Summary of Incident
Jal NM 1/5/15 Chief resigned after being caught having sex in ambulance while on duty.
Milan NM 1/5/15 Officer arrested for sexual assault and providing alcohol to a minor.
Oklahoma City OK 1/9/15 Officer fired and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault against motorists, all of whom were women of color.
Memphis TN 1/12/15 Officer sentenced to one year, suspended, and two years of probation for sexual misconduct.
Plano TX 1/12/15 Officer arrested for child pornography distribution and indecent contact with a minor.
Duluth GA 1/13/15 Officer fired and arrested for sexual battery of an acquaintance.
Homerville GA 1/13/15 Officer arrested for sexual assault of jail inmate.
Irwindale CA 1/14/15 Officer sentenced to nine years in prison for sexually assaulting woman after traffic stop.
Ocala FL 1/16/15 Officer arrested and fired for soliciting sex from 16-year-old sex worker.
Aledo IL 1/21/15 Officer charged with aggravated sexual assault with a weapon.
Highstown NJ 1/26/15 Officer faced administrative discipline for having sex on duty.
Atlantic City NJ 1/27/15 Officer pled guilty to misconduct and sexual assault of a minor.
Falfurrias TX 2/10/15 Officer arrested for sexual assault of a child.
New York NY 2/11/15 Sergeant charged with rape for actions against girl under 15 years of age.
Mansfield OH 2/13/15 Officer indicted on 40 counts, including 25 felonies, related to sexual battery, burglary, and tampering.
Rothschild WI 2/17/15 Officer resigned and charged with sexual assault.
Broward County FL 2/18/15 Deputy sentenced to five years for coercing undocumented immigrants into having sex.
Shreveport LA 2/19/15 Officer arrested for aggravated rape and intimidation.
Adams County OH 2/20/15 Chief deputy charged with multiple rape counts for actions at his home with 15-year-old girl.
Chatham County GA 2/25/15 Deputy fired and arrested for filing false statements and sexual assault of an inmate.
Grand Rapids MI 3/3/15 Officer charged with home invasion and sexual assault of his ex-girlfriend.
Memphis TN 3/3/15 Officer arrested for performing a lewd act and solicitation of a minor.
New Orleans LA 3/4/15 Officer arrested for solicitation of prostitution.
Orange Beach AL 3/9/15 Officer indicted on two counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12.
Long Beach MS 3/12/15 Officer indicted on multiple counts of statutory rape for actions with 15-year-old girl.
New York NY 3/12/15 Two officers went to Seattle to interview rape victim and went drinking with her. They were all very drunk and they convinced her to come back to their hotel, where one officer eventually crawled into bed with her and ripped her shirt while making sexual advances. They pled guilty to administrative charges, were sentenced to forfeit vacation time and were transferred out of their departments, but ultimately kept their jobs as police officers.
Exeter CA 3/13/15 Officer sentenced to 45 days in jail for sex with a minor who was in department's youth program.
McLennan County TX 3/13/15 Constable fired and arrested for soliciting sex from a minor.
Syracuse NY 3/16/15 Officer indicted for misconduct for having sex with woman who called police for help.
Pitt County NC 3/18/15 SRO arrested for statutory rape of a 15-year-old student.
USCBP (Ysleta, TX) USCBP 3/19/15 Agent arrested for sexual assault of a child.
Hardin County TX 3/20/15 Deputy pled guilty to making false statement in a child pornography investigation.
Seminole County FL 3/24/15 Deputy fired and arrested on molestation charges.
New York  NY 3/27/15 Officer arrested for repeated sexual assaults of 16-year-old girl at church where he served as pastor.
Indiana Excise Police IN 3/31/15 Officer arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor.
Eugene OR 4/6/15 Officer sentenced to seven years for child pornography possession and hiding cameras in police bathroom.
Vidalia GA 4/6/15 Suspended and charged with statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl.
Ohio State Police OH 4/10/15 State trooper was sentenced to five years in prison for throwing out traffic tickets in exchange for sexual favors.
Fairfax County VA 4/16/15 Officer charged with child pornography possession.
Indiana University-Bloomington IN 4/17/15 Officer resigned after he was accused of raping a student.
Butler County OH 4/22/15 Deputy arrested for a sex crime against a minor.
Park Ridge IL 4/22/15 Officer suspended for sending sexual images to woman who recently had contact with the police.
Wichita KS 4/30/15 Retired officer tried for multiple counts of sexual contacts with minors during last several years of his career.
Hillsborough NC 5/5/15 Officer sentenced to 20-33 months, suspended, for sexual contact with two 13-year-old children.
Washington County OR 5/8/15 Sergeant resigned during investigation into sexual harassment and misconduct.
Bethel OH 5/12/15 Officer resigned after indictment for rape and sexual battery.
St. Clair County MI 5/12/15 Deputy fired and arrested for sexual misconduct for having sex w/ jail inmate.
Bossier Parish LA 5/14/15 Deputy fired and arrested for solicitation of prostitution.
Orange County FL 5/14/15 Deputy resigned before he was arrested for child pornography.
Onslow County NC 5/15/15 Deputy charged with solicitation of child pornography.
Chicago IL 5/18/15 The City settled a lawsuit with a woman who claimed two officers sexually assaulted her while they were on duty.
Washington DC 5/18/15 Officer arrested for sexual abuse of a minor and child pornography.
Lincoln County WI 5/21/15 Deputy resigned after his arrest for molesting a 15-year-old girl.
New York State Police NY 6/1/15 Trooper acquitted on 3 of 4 rape charges. Jury hung on fourth charge.
Winona County MN 6/4/15 Deputy fired and arrested for solicitation of prostitution.
Greece NY 6/5/15 Officer sentenced to four years in prison and 10 years supervised release for child pornography conviction.
Ann Arbor MI 6/8/15 Officer sentenced to 11 months in jail for offering leniency to female suspect in exchange for sex.
Brandenburg KY 6/11/15 Officer's trial for child rape postponed until April 2016.
Williams County ND 6/11/15 Deputy arrested for child pornography.
Oklahoma State Police OK 6/12/15 Trooper ordered to stand trial for rape of motorist during traffic stop.
Tallahassee FL 6/15/15 Officer arrested for solicitation of prostitution.
New York State Police NY 6/17/15 Trooper arrested for sexual assault of woman in Atlantic City.
Amarillo TX 6/19/15 Officer fired after sexual assault allegation.
DeKalb County GA 6/19/15 Deputy sentenced to 1 year in prison and 9 years of supervised release for soliciting prostitution on duty.
Seaside Park NJ 6/19/15 Officer arrested for sexual contact with minor.
Dane County WI 6/25/15 Deputy convicted of sexual assault for actions against a woman who was serving her sentence in home confinement.
Phoenix AZ 6/29/15 Officer arrested for kidnapping and sexual assault against a woman in custody.
Tuscon AZ 6/29/15 Two officers resigned; 5 others under investigation for involvement with sex workers.
Champaign IL 7/6/15 Officer arrested for sexual assault and domestic battery.
Fairfax County SC 7/7/15 Deputy sentenced to 20 years for sex crimes against 11-year-old child.
Phoenix AZ 7/14/15 Officer pled guilty to sexual contact with a minor.
Dallas TX 7/22/15 Officer arrested and fired for sex acts against a child.
Sacramento CA 7/22/15 Officer was convicted for repeatedly raping elderly woman at senior living facility.
Maypearl TX 7/23/15 Chief terminated and charged for sex acts against minors.
Hartsville IN 7/24/15 Deputy town marshal arrested for attempted solicitation of a child.
Portland OR 7/24/15 Officer placed on leave after he was accused of demanding sexual acts from a woman.
Fresno CA 7/28/15 Officer resigned after being discovered in prostitution investigation.
Dallas TX 7/31/15 Officer pled guilty to aggravated assault after he was charged with raping a woman who was sleeping. He received a five-year suspended sentence.
Mt. Pleasant NY 8/3/15 Chief pled guilty to child pornography charges.
Whitehouse TX 8/3/15 Chief resigned one week after an assault charge for unwanted sexual advances against him was dropped.
Las Vegas NV 8/4/15 Detective sentenced to 3 years of probation for attacking a sex worker.
Boscawen NH 8/6/15 Former officer who was then chief of Canterbury was arrested for sexual assault of a minor for actions while employed in Boscawen.
Jackson County NC 8/7/15 Deputy pled guilty to obstruction for covering up underage drinking and statutory rape charges.
Pasco County FL 8/7/15 Deputy arrested for soliciting sex from a minor.
San Bernadino County CA 8/7/15 Deputy accused of sex with jail inmate.
Spearsville LA 8/12/15 Chief convicted of child rape sentenced to life imprisonment.
Cleveland TN 8/14/15 Two officers suspended for sexual misconduct.
Sevier County TN 8/14/15 Deputy sentenced to 90 days of house arrest after he pled guilty to misconduct for having sex with woman while on duty.
Emmett Township MI 8/17/15 Officer suspended for sexual assault arrested again for sexual assault.
Greece NY 8/17/15 Officer fired and arrested for sexual harassment and stalking.
Kiowa OK 8/18/15 Officer fired and charged with abduction and sexual seduction for actions against a 15-year-old girl.
Oakland FL 8/19/15 Officer charged with child molestation and child pornography.
Elburn IL 8/20/15 Officer charged with 33 counts related to sexual abuse of a child over 10 years.
Gretna LA 8/20/15 Officer arrested for child pornography.
DEA (McAllen, TX) DEA 8/21/15 Agent arrested for accessing child pornography.
Haskell AR 8/21/15 Officer arrested on sexual assault and child pornography charges.
Oak Ridge TN 8/21/15 Officer fired amid statutory rape allegations. He left his previous law enforcement position after being accused of indecent exposure.
Eagle County CO 9/8/15 Deputy sentenced to 180 days--90 in jail, 90 in work release--for sexual assault.
Kern County CA 9/9/15 Deputy sentenced to two years in prison for sexual battery.
San Mateo CA 9/9/15 Deputy found guilty of child molestation.
Maryland State Police MD 9/10/15 Trooper indicted for forcing a woman to perform sex act at gunpoint.
Michigan State Police MI 9/10/15 Trooper found guilty on four counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct.
Birmingham AL 9/11/15 Officer indicted for rape and sexual abuse of a child.
Shelby County TN 9/11/15 Deputy arrested for statutory rape.
Spalding County OH 9/11/15 Captain charged with aggravated assault, influencing witnesses, stalking, sexual battery, and other charges against department employees.
Germantown TN 9/14/15 Officer fired while rape charge pending.
Memphis TN 9/15/15 Officer arrested for sexual battery, official misconduct and oppression.
East St. Louis IL 9/21/15 Officer on leave for suspected sexual assault off duty.
Isabella County MI 9/21/15 Deputy pled no contest to attempting to extort sexual favors from suspects.
Port St. Lucie FL 9/23/15 Officer arrested for child pornography.
Fairview OK 9/24/15 Officer arrested for child pornography.
San Antonio TX 9/25/15 Three officers charged with sexual assault and official oppression.
San Jose CA 9/25/15 Officer charged with rape fired.
Crestview FL 9/29/15 Officer resigned in lieu of termination amid sexual battery allegations.
Greenville TN 10/2/15 Officer sentenced to 18 months for having sexual relationships with several jail inmates.
Kentucky State Police KY 10/5/15 Trooper pled guilty to sex with a minor. Four other law enforcement officers were terminated or charged for sexual contact with same girl.
University of Oklahoma OK 10/7/15 Officer arrested for breaking into a car, stealing cell phone, and attempting to send or access sexual content with that phone.
Spring ISD TX 10/15/15 SRO arrested for sexual assault against a minor.
Watervliet NY 10/15/15 SRO pled guilty to sodomy charges against student at his school.
Chicago IL 10/19/15 Two officers under investigation for sex trafficking.
Tulsa County OK 10/19/15 Deputy found guilty of sexual battery and indecent exposure while in uniform.
Walton County GA 10/19/15 Deputy arrested for child pornography.
Fort Smith AR 10/22/15 Resigned after his arrest for solicitation.
Henderson TX 10/22/15 Officer accused of sex crimes against a child.
Adams County CO 10/26/15 Deputy fired for sexual assault on duty.
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD TX 10/26/15 SRO sentenced to one year for pulling over motorist and asking for sexual favor in exchange for looking other way on misdemeanor charge.
Live Oak FL 10/29/15 Officer fired for child pornography possession.
Boynton Beach FL 10/30/15 The City settled lawsuit for over $800,000 brought by a 21-year-old woman who accused officer of raping her last year. The officer was acquitted at trial.
Los Angeles County CA 10/30/15 Deputy was arrested for child molestation.
Spokane WA 10/30/15 Spokane Co. Sheriff accuses city police of covering up sexual assault against SCSO employee.


*This number was compiled by searching the @NPMRP Twitter feed using the terms “rape,”“sex,” “sexual,” “pornography,” “solicitation,” and “molestation.” Other cases of stalking, harassment, and other charges that may be sexual in nature would not necessarily be counted in these searches.