August 20, 2011 1:29PM

Anarchists for Big Government

Three months ago I wrote a long, thoughtful (ahem) critique of the Washington Post’s use of the word “anarchists” to describe people outraged at the possibility that governments might finally be forced “to cut social benefits and slash public payrolls.”

“Odd anarchists,” I harrumphed, who “object to the state reducing its size, scope, and power.”

Today, Michael Cannon made the same point to many more people in a few pithy sentences on the Post’s letters page:

Anne Applebaum informed us that “the anarchists in Athens wanted more government spending” [“The smartphone riots?” op‐​ed, Aug. 11]. Which is it? Were they anarchists, who want no government? Or were they statists, who want more government?

The lesson? Write letters to the editor. People read them.

Meanwhile, two other letter‐​writers on the same page complain that the Post should not reveal how our tax dollars are spent, lest the masses turn against Washington. I disagree.