December 5, 2012 9:22AM

Ah, the Sweet Smell of Lukewarm Success

Three years ago the climate world was set ablaze by the release of thousands of “Climategate” emails from the server at the University of  East Anglia.  The ruling climate establishment, which I now call “hotheads”, showed itself threatening editors of journals who dared publish my papers, and engaged in a wide variety of other shady and nefarious practices.

I didn’t realize until the Climategate circus that my view on climate change had generated a moniker.  I was branded—accurately—a “lukewarmer”, meaning that my synthesis of climate behavior is that global warming is real, and caused in part by people. It is also exaggerated, both in magnitude and effect. My new Center studies why this occurs, and finds similar dynamics operating across many fields of federally-sponsored science.

Apparently this view is getting, as is said here in Swamp-By-the-Potomac, “traction”.

My evidence comes from no less a media icon than Bill Maher, writing about me and my sidekick Chip Knappenberger here at Cato, specifically concluding, “they are winning”.

Thank you Bill, and no I won’t go on your show.

Fact check:  Maher doesn’t realize that my company is closed and World Climate Report has migrated and evolved into Global Science Report, featured weekly on this blog.