August 31, 2012 8:29AM

After the Welfare State

Cato senior fellow Tom G. Palmer, who is lecturing about freedom in Slovenia and Tbilisi this week, asked me to post this announcement of his new book, After the Welfare State, published through the efforts of Students for Liberty and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Check out this 57‐​second video introduction:

The book is directed at young people, and Students for Liberty is distributing 125,000 copies on college campuses. Tom’s introduction begins:

Young people today are being robbed. Of their rights. Of their freedom. Of their dignity. Of their futures. The culprits? My generation and our predecessors, who either created or failed to stop the world‐​straddling engine of theft, degradation, manipulation, and social control we call the welfare state.

Contributors to the volume include experts from Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, and Greece, as well as Cato’s own Palmer and Michael Tanner.

Learn more about After the Welfare State—and download a free PDF immediately–here.