Government is so deeply involved in the financing and delivery of health care that today’s medical students must be fluent in health policy as well as medicine. Yet medical schools often provide only a narrow perspective on health reform.

This page is a resource for medical students who wish to learn how a market system can make medical care better, more affordable, and more secure than any other system can. Here, Benjamin Rush Institute members can contact Cato scholars, download free copies of Cato Institute e-books, and immediately access a wide range of Cato research and analysis on health policy.

Replacing ObamaCare

(Cato Institute, 2012)

This ebook assembles the best of the Cato Institute’s work on Obamacare, and on how free markets are the only way to make health care better, more affordable, and more secure. These articles, written by over a dozen national experts, explain why repealing Obamacare is real health care reform.

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Healthy Competition

(Cato Institute, 2007)

A soup-to-nuts guide to health care reform from a libertarian perspective. Consumer choice and competition deliver higher quality and lower prices in other areas of the economy. The authors conclude that removing restrictions can do the same for health care.

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Medicare Meets Mephistopheles

(Cato Institute, 2007)

The greatest satire ever written about the Medicare program claims this Great Society program was actually created by the devil as a recruitment tool. Medicare feeds on the avarice of doctors and other providers, turns seniors into health care gluttons, and makes regions of the United States green with envy over the dollars showered on other regions.

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Crisis of Abundance

(Cato Institute, 2006)

This short book will help medical students challenge many of the fundamental misconceptions held by their fellow students and professors. Kling proposes gradually shifting responsibility for health care for the elderly away from taxpayers and back to the individual.

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Cato Research on Health Care

Health Care’s Future Is so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

A time-traveler from the future provides a humorous look at how adopting a market system led to better health care for all.

Want Cheaper Drugs?

More competition, not more government coercion, would greatly benefit consumers.

The Dangers of ‘Public Health’

What was once a concern about public goods has transformed into a social crusade with a political agenda.

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