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From Chevron to “Consent of the Governed”

The Supreme Court should link Congress to its lawmaking duties.

How Economists Understand the Damage from Rent Controls

These policies may lower rental payments, but they hurt the quality of rental housing.
Commerce & Trade

Is NAFTA 2.0 Better than Nothing?

Would Americans be better off if their government simply repealed NAFTA rather than replace it with the USMCA?
Regulatory Reform

Embracing Ossification

With Donald Trump in the White House, pro‐​regulation forces are changing their view on regulatory procedure.


Regulatory Reform

Getting Out of Your Business

Cities nationwide are making it a crime to work from home.

Energy & Environment

The Perils of a Carbon Tax

High‐​minded proposals for a “revenue neutral” Pigouvian tax could result in bigger government, but they could also make it smaller.

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