Winter 2003

Vol. 26 No. 4


From the Cover

Campaign Finance



  • The New Farm Economy

    The agriculture industry has entered the 21st century; perhaps farm policy will do so as well. By Russell L. Lamb PDF


  • Following the Herd

    Why do some ideas suddenly become popular, and then die out just as quickly? By Pierre Lemieux PDF


Economic Reform

  • Regulation and the Marketplace

    Does government regulation offer any better protection to market participants than private assurance? By Karim Jamal and Michael Maier PDF
  • Evaluating Transfer Regulations

    Routine use of cost-effectiveness analysis could dramatically improve transfer programs’ effectiveness while saving taxpayers’ money. By Eric A. Posner PDF
  • Federalism and Regulation

    What sorts of regulation are best handled on the federal level? By Robert Hahn, Anne Layne-Farrar, and Peter Passell PDF

Mercatus Reports

In Review

Final Word