From the Cover

Telecommunications & Technology

What Hath the FCC Wrought?

As Title II “net neutrality” moves toward implementation, some proponents are having second thoughts. What is to be done?

Health & Medicine

Scaling and Splitting: New Approaches to Health Insurance

How can we cut health care costs while expanding access to care?

Development & Housing

Reforming Housing Assistance

The federal government can serve more families at a lower cost than its current hodgepodge of programs.


In Memoriam

The Future Legacy of Public Choice

Gordon Tullock, 1922 — 2014


Reforming SSDI for the 21st Century

Preserving the program will require fundamental change.

Health & Medicine

Will Competition Arise for Multistate Health Plans?

Recent regulations are unlikely to make the MSP program a platform for more robust health insurance competition.

Telecommunications & Technology

Groundhog Day at the FCC

Consumers don’t benefit from “reflexive protectionism.”

For the Record

Final Word