From the Cover

Securities & Investment

Communication by Other Means

Can stock analysts' conflicts of interest benefit investors?

The Thirty Years War

RegNMS is only the latest development in the ongoing battle over securities market structure.

Energy & Natural Resources

A Superfluous Petroleum Reserve

How should the SPR be used, and what benefits does it provide?


The Political Economy of Mercury Regulation

The history of the new mercury rule offers important insights into improving environmental policymaking.


Energy & Natural Resources

The Myths of Owens Valley

Los Angeles's "theft" offers positive lessons for water markets.

Health & Medicine

An Uncertain Diagnosis

Research used to criticize drug marketing also supports the claim that marketing benefits patients.

Advertising & Media

Advertising, Alcohol, and Youth

Is the alcoholic beverage industry targeting minors with magazine ads?

Securities & Investment

From Orders to Markets

Who should decide what is "best execution"?

Briefly Noted

Final Word