From the Cover

Who Should Control the Internet?

Assigning Broadband Rights

Could private control of access and standards lead to a balkanization of the Internet?



The EPA’s Risky Reasoning

Recent revisions to the air quality standards show a worrisome misuse of science.


Making Lawyers Complete

Is the market for contingent fee-financed tort litigation competitive?

How Lawyers Compete

Can the legal services market become more competitive?


The Private Neighborhood

Will homeowners associations lead to a revolution in local government?

Revolution or Evolution?

Do homeowners association members benefit from — or even want — the dissolution of municipalities and local zoning?

Health & Medicine

Is There a Biomedical Anticommons?

Patent holders have a strong interest in profiting from their patents.

Who Certifies Off‐​Label?

FDA efficacy requirements may do more medical harm than good.

Breaking the FDA Monopoly

With dual-tracking, patients can have early access to potential miracle drugs while the FDA maintains its testing regimen.

Briefly Noted

Final Word