From the Cover

Regulatory Reform

Regulation at 40

The last four decades have seen landmark liberalization of U.S. regulatory policy, yet many promising reform ideas now languish and policymakers have backslid in some cases.

A More Optimistic View

The interactions of exchange, ideas, and individuals can lead to further deregulation.

Restraining the Regulatory State

A Regulatory Review Office could help Congress determine if new rules are benefiting the public.


Health & Medicine

The War on Consumer Surplus

To fight tobacco use, “prominent economists” have turned welfare economics on its head.

The “Troubles” with Pharmacy Benefit Managers

If markets are competitive, there is little need to regulate PBM practices.

Label Nudges

A connection between nutritional labeling and improved health is more hope than well‐​examined theory.


Roam if You Want to?

Some argue that property rights should not include the right to exclude interlopers.

Final Word