Spring 2017

Vol. 40 No. 1


From the Cover

Regulatory Reform

  • Regulation at 40

    The last four decades have seen landmark liberalization of U.S. regulatory policy, yet many promising reform ideas now languish and policymakers have backslid in some cases. By Peter Van Doren and Thomas A. Firey PDF
  • A More Optimistic View

    The interactions of exchange, ideas, and individuals can lead to further deregulation. By David R. Henderson PDF
  • Restraining the Regulatory State

    A Regulatory Review Office could help Congress determine if new rules are benefiting the public. By Robert W. Crandall PDF


Health & Medicine


  • Roam if You Want to?

    Some argue that property rights should not include the right to exclude interlopers. By Jonathan Klick and Gideon Parchomovsky PDF

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In Review

Final Word

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