From the Cover

Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

Learning How to Fish

Catch shares are vital to the future of fishery conservation.

Bringing Religion into Economic Policy Analysis

Many policy debates are motivated by people’s “religious” beliefs—including economists’.
Banking & Finance

The Next Banking Crisis

Will the latest round of reform bring an end to subsidizing risky mortgages?

The Striking Success of the NLRA

The law has brought labor peace and improved workers’ negotiating power, which may explain why union membership is declining.



Income Inequality and the NBA

Why not redistribute players’ salaries? Or other people’s incomes?
Markets & Morality

The Two Moralities of Outlawing Price Gouging

When economists criticize anti‐​price‐​gouging laws, they need to do so in moral terms.
Securities & Exchange

Securities Litigation after Amgen

It’s time to reassess the fraud‐​on‐​the‐​market presumption.

Really Opening Up the American Skies

It’s time to allow foreign airlines to compete in U.S. domestic markets.
In Memoriam

The Moral Vision of a Blind Economist

Walter Oi, 1929–2013

Final Word