From the Cover

Consumer Protection

The Problem with Price Gouging Laws

Is optimal pricing during an emergency unethical?

Regulatory Reform

Alfred Kahn, 1917–2010

Remembering the father of airline deregulation.

Health & Medicine

Slim Odds

Empirical studies provide little evidence that soda taxes would shrink Americans’ waistlines.


Regulatory Reform

Lessons from New Jersey

What are the effects of "administrative procedures" regulatory reform?

Credit & Banking

The Dangerous Experiment of the Durbin Amendment

Congress' interchange fee limit is a reckless exercise in price regulation.


A Pennsylvania Power Authority?

Despite proponents’ claims, it is unlikely that a government-run power authority would benefit consumers.

Corporate Governance

The Politics of Executive Pay

Ideology, not “social justice,” fuels calls for restraints on executive compensation.

Consumer Protection

Blooming Nonsense

Do claims about the consumer benefit of licensure withstand empirical scrutiny?

Briefly Noted

Final Word