From the Cover


Paying to Keep the Peace

Is military intervention abroad necessary to protect U.S. economic interests?



The Benefits of Biotech

As the world’s population grows, environmental stewardship will require science to find ways to produce more food on less land.

Securities & Exchange

The Creeping Federalization of Corporate Law

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act extends Washington’s oversight of corporate governance practices but offers questionable benefits to investors.

Self Regulation and Securities Markets

Securities exchanges can police market abuses if government provides them the needed tools.


Allowing the States to Innovate

Does much-maligned, oft-reformed workers’ compensation offer a promising model for unemployment insurance restructuring?


A Road Policy for the Future

With the Interstate Highway System now almost complete, is it time for the federal government to remove itself from roadway funding?


Mismeasuring Electricity Market Power

By studying average variable costs, researchers examining the California energy crisis were sure to find examples of “market power” even if that power may not have really existed.


Breathing Life into the Funeral Market

Are state regulations impeding innovation and harming consumers in this very meaningful sector of the economy?

Briefly Noted