From the Cover


Boston Takes a Pass on the Olympic Torch

Scholarly research does sometimes have a positive effect on public policy.
Regulatory Reform

Foxes, Hedgehogs, and Regulators

If experts’ predictions are little better than laymen’s, can we rely on expert regulatory analysis?

Telecommunications & Technology

Redesigning Spectrum Licenses

“Depreciating licenses” would encourage innovation and investment.

Energy & Environment

The Need for Electricity Retail Market Reforms

An innovative 21st century retail electric power market is within reach, but won’t emerge until we ditch the 20th Century regulations.

Moving Forward with Electricity Tariff Reform

Pilot programs and other experiments have shown the promise of “prosumer” changes.


Telecommunications & Technology

The Innovation Won’t Be Televised

Facilitating tacit collusion via “most favored nation” clauses hurts the television market.

Final Word