Power Problems •

On Declinism and American Influence

Is American influence declining? Emma Ashford talks to Ali Wyne and Gabby Tarini of the Rand Corporation about their new report on America in the world.

Show Notes:

  1. Ali Wyne Bio: https://​www​.duco​ex​perts​.com/​u​s​e​r​s​/​a​l​i​-wyne
  2. Gabrielle Tarini Bio: https://​www​.rand​.org/​a​b​o​u​t​/​p​e​o​p​l​e​/​t​/​t​a​r​i​n​i​_​g​a​b​r​i​e​l​l​e​.html
  3. James Dobbins, Gabrielle Tarini, and Ali Wyne, “The Lost Generation in American Foreign Policy,” RAND Corporation.