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After Coronavirus III: Great Powers and COVID

In the third of our series on the world after the coronavirus, we talk about great power politics and U.S.-China relations, with returning guest Joshua Shifrinson of Boston University.

1. Joshua Shifrinson Bio: https://​www​.bu​.edu/​p​a​r​d​e​e​s​c​h​o​o​l​/​p​r​o​f​i​l​e​/​j​o​s​h​u​a​-​s​h​i​f​r​i​nson/

2. Joshua Shifrinson, International Security, “Partnership or Predation? How Rising States Contend With Declining Great Powers.”

3. Emma Ashford and Matthew Kroenig, Foreign Policy, “Is This The Beginning of a New Cold War with China?”