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The Undercover Economist Strikes Back: How to Run — or Ruin — an Economy

In his new book, Tim Harford attempts to demystify macroeconomics in the same way his earlier bestseller, The Undercover Economist, demystified microeconomics. Using his characteristic conversational style, Harford will discuss abstract macroeconomic ideas, explaining the most common models of recessions and the difficulty of discriminating between them on empirical grounds. For example, was the crisis of 2008 driven by supply‐ or demand‐​side factors? And why do failures of the financial sector seem to have such severe economic consequences? He will not shy away from other topics, including income inequality, or the growing interest in alternative measures of economic well‐​being, such as self‐​reported happiness. Please join us for a discussion of what macroeconomists believe about the economy and of why those beliefs often seem to lead to bad public policy.

Tim Harford
Alexander Tabarrok

Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics, Mercatus Center; professor of economics, George Mason University; blogger, Marginal Revolution