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Saving Lives from Opioid Overdoses: Naloxone Policy Discussion and Training

Naloxone—an opioid antagonist that reverses overdoses—is a safe, effective, critical tool for preventing opioid‐​overdose deaths. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration nevertheless continues to require a prescription for each naloxone purchase, an unnecessary requirement that limits access to this life‐​saving drug.

On October 2, the Cato Institute will hold a two‐​part Capitol Hill Briefing to discuss how naloxone can save even more lives. First, Cato senior fellow Jeffrey A. Singer and Cato adjunct scholar David A. Hyman will discuss the effectiveness of naloxone and the effect of, and reasons for, the FDA’s prescription requirement. Second, the Washington, DC, Department of Health will conduct naloxone training for all willing adult attendees and will distribute easy‐​to‐​use Narcan, a nasal‐​spray version of naloxone, to those who complete the training.

Attending this event could help you save a life. We encourage each congressional office to designate at least one staffer to attend this event, train in naloxone administration, and keep this life‐​saving drug on hand anywhere someone may need it.