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Refugees, Immigrants, and National Security

Are immigrants and refugees critical threats to American security? The Syrian refugee crisis and terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe have prompted fierce debate over how to strike the proper balance between national security, the benefits of immigration, and a humanitarian refugee policy. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken the extreme position that the United States should not welcome any immigrants or refugees from Muslim‐​majority nations because of the threat of terrorism. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has called for significant increases in the number of Syrian refugees that the United States accepts. Join us for a wide‐​ranging discussion as our expert panel examines the risk posed by foreign‐​born terrorists and how the public views the connection between immigrants and refugees on the one hand and national security and terrorism on the other.

Alex Nowrasteh

Director of Immigration Studies and Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute

A. Trevor Thrall

Trevor Thrall is a senior fellow for Cato Institute’s Defense and Foreign Policy Department.