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Populism and Nationalism in the Trump Era

The 2016 election saw new arguments over the old ideas of populism and nationalism. Both had seemed doomed in this new era of technocracy and globalization. New research from Democracy Fund Voice examines how populism, nationalism, and immigration affected the 2016 election. Many voters who strongly favored Donald Trump feel alienated from government, community, and a changed and changing America. What are the implications of these frustrations and fears for the Trump administration and its critics? Do the new populism and nationalism bode well or ill for the preservation of a free society? Please join us for an intriguing look at the 2016 electorate and the implications of populism and nationalism for public policy and future debates.

Mindy Finn
Alex Lundry
Lisa Dropkin
Patrick Ruffini
Ruy Teixeira
Robert P. Jones
Henry Olsen
Meira Neggaz
Alex Nowrasteh

Director of Immigration Studies, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity