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Encyclopedia of Libertarianism

The Cato Institute invites you to join us as we unveil The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, the first comprehensive, encyclopedic treatment of the libertarian movement.  Editor in Chief Ronald Hamowy, a distinguished scholar who studied under Mises, Hayek, and Friedman, has included more than 300 succinct, original articles on libertarian ideas, institutions, and thinkers. Contributors include James Buchanan, Richard Epstein, Tyler Cowen, Randy Barnett, Deirdre McCloskey, Ellen Frankel Paul, and more than 100 other scholars.  This comprehensive book, years in the making, will become an indispensable guide to libertarianism in the years to come.

Our distinguished guests will discuss the place of libertarianism in world and U.S. politics, the contributions of libertarian thought, and the challenges it faces from both left and right.