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Drinks at your Fingertips: Klink & Regulatory Hurdles to Alcohol Delivery

What if, instead of heading down to your local liquor store, the next time you found yourself craving an alcoholic beverage, you could simply pull out your smart phone, place an order, and a short while later, get your drinks, all without leaving your home? That’s the concept behind Klink, an alcohol delivery app that brings the user‐​friendly connectivity of the sharing economy to one of the most heavily regulated industries in the nation.

Join the Cato Institute for a lunchtime discussion of the role Klink is playing in the sharing economy, the tough regulatory landscape it must navigate, and what the app means for the future of alcohol delivery.

#CatoDigital (formerly #NewMediaLunch) is a regular event series at the Cato Institute highlighting the intersection of tech, social media, and the ideas of liberty.

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