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Campus Discipline under Title IX

Amid much controversy, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently began dismantling the federal guidance on campus sexual assault put in place by the Obama administration. DeVos said her predecessors had created a “failed system” that served neither accuser nor accused. Ending campus sexual assault was a signature issue of the Obama administration, which waged a concerted five‐​year effort to end what it said was an epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses. Emily Yoffe, contributing editor at the Atlantic, recently wrote a three‐​part series that examined federal and school policies on campus sexual assault and documented the systematic denial of due process for the accused, the junk trauma science used in adjudications, and the disproportionate number of African American students who are punished. In conversation with the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, Yoffe will discuss how this issue came to grip the nation, what the proposed Trump administration changes mean, and the strange new politics of campus sexual assault.