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32nd Annual Monetary Conference — Panel 4 — The Path to Fundamental Reform — Closing Remarks

CATO’S 32ND ANNUAL MONETARY CONFERENCE —will bring together leading scholars and advocates for fundamental monetary reform to discuss:

  • The bitcoin revolution and future of crypto‐​currencies
  • How technology will drive further innovations so that private currencies become a reality
  • The role of gold in a decentralized monetary regime
  • The steps necessary to return to constitutional money based on the convertibility principle and free banking

When the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, its powers were limited and the United States was still on the gold standard. Today the Fed has virtually unlimited power and the dollar has no backing. Limited, constitutional government requires a rules based, free‐​market monetary system with a stable‐​valued dollar, not the topsy‐​turvy fiat dollar that now exists under central banking. This conference will examine the case for sound money and the reforms needed to realize it.

Judy Shelton
Norbert Michel
Bob Gelfond