You're not a libertarian; you're an authoritarian! Authoritarians are considered the opposite of libertarians — while libertarians hold individual rights as the highest political value, authoritarians believe that government is needed to regulate both economic and personal choices. You might believe that "the common good" should trump any one person's rights and choices. Libertarians, on the other hand, believe that individual rights and the rule of law provide the only secure foundation for the common good, and that limited government with checks and balances is less likely to be captive to special interests.

Of course, very few people will have "perfect scores" in any one direction, and chances are you DO support some freedoms. Give the new book The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom a read and see which parts you can agree with. You might be more libertarian than you think!

We have a limited number of copies of The Libertarian Mind to give away. Every day — until the supply is depleted — we will be mailing a free copy to a lucky recipient, randomly drawn from those who complete this form.

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This quiz is drawn from page 377 of The Libertarian Mind. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the Cato Institute or its scholars or officers.